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Title: Sandman
Post by: koz on February 06, 2008, 06:47:02 pm
Superstar Name:The Sandman

Picture of Superstar:

Heel, Face, Tweener:face
Gimmick:Beer Drinking, Cane Swinging, Cigarette smoking, sob the sandman. Doesnt give a d*mn about what others think of him. When superstars see him and here his music they get away from being hit with his signopre cane

signature/favorite moves:
whooping ass
hitting people wit his sgnopore cnae

white russian leg sweep
his version of the swanton bomb

entrance:enter the sandman  by motorhead hits he pa the cans look at the stage and no one is coming out. Then on the tron the cameras go crazy panning the crowd look ing for him, the they spot him. he opens a beer drinks some spits some out and smashes the can on his head. we walks doen to the ring. when he gets to the barrier, he jumps up hits himself in the head with his signopore cane. Taunts the crowd and the nhops off. He then rolls in the crowd and taunts some more before the match starts.